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Far East Ocean Alliance loop returns to Antwerp

10 January 2020

In the new "Day 4 Product" of the Ocean Alliance, one of the Far East loops returns to Antwerp Gateway: the NEU5 / FAL3 Service, operated by CMA CGM.

The return of the NEU5 service to Antwerp is one of the biggest changes in Day 4, the new product from Ocean Alliance partners CMA CGM, COSCO SHIPPING Lines, OOCL and Evergreen. The weekly 'NEU5' service is provided under the name "FAL3" by CMA CGM and APL with ships from 12,917 to 17,359 TEU. Last summer the FAL3 moved from Antwerp to Dunkirk. With the return to Antwerp, Hamburg disappears from the rotation. Dunkirk changes NEU5 for the "NEU4 / FAL1" service from CMA CGM.

With the FAL3 service, Antwerp Gateway again receives three major Far Eastern services from the Ocean Alliance. The other two are those of COSCO (AEU3) and Evergreen (CES Service). The first call for the FAL3 in Antwerp is expected in April / May.