Deurganckdock around the clock

The joint initiative of the extended opening hours at the two Deurganckdock terminals, Antwerp Gateway and MPET, was launched recently in the press. We wish to provide you more specific details about this initiative.

What’s the reason behind this initiative?

The landside of Antwerp Gateway is currently open every workday from 5 AM to 9.30 PM. In the statistic below on the current trucking situation, you can identify the busy moments at Antwerp Gateway during the morning and in the afternoon. One can clearly see the potential before 5 AM and after 5 PM.

In order to further maximize the timespan for our partners to reach Antwerp Gateway, a 24hrs/5 Days opening will start from 20th March 2017.

What are the new opening times?

From 20th March onwards, the landside of Antwerp Gateway (quay 1700) will be open from Monday 5 AM to Saturday 5.30 AM, with the entrance gate closing at 5.00 AM on Saturday.

What kind of assistance is provided?

The helpdesk at the terminal is opened from Monday 5 AM to Saturday 5.30 AM, except between 2.00 and 2.30 AM. Please keep in mind that neither the customs desk nor the customs are available at night. To be able to make use of the night time service, it is absolutely necessary that all container arrangements are put in order during the daytime: pre-announcement, release, customs documents, TAS appointment, and booking reference or pin code of your cointainer.

Are there any restrictions on the type of container that can be dropped off or picked up?

No, our gate is open to any type of container. The same as during the daytime.

Is the empty depot available for pick up or drop off at night?

Global Container Services, the empty depot of DP World Antwerp, is open every weekday from 5 AM to 9.30 PM. Limited pick up of empty containers at night is only possible at our terminal blockstack (park 3), if the TAS appointment has been arranged for.

When can we start to make bookings in the TAS system?

You can book your timeslot for the nightshift from the 16th of March. The final daytime slot is 9 PM. The night slot is divided into 3 slots: 10 - 11 PM, 11 - 00 PM and 00 PM - 05 AM - earlier or later arrivals are not tolerated within these slot.

Is there an incentive?

Every transport company which uses at least 10 night slots (registration between 9 PM and 5 AM) between 26 June and 31 August 2017, receives a minimum of 10 euro per night drive. The final settlement is made at the beginning of September.

For further questions, please contact our checkpoint at T. +32 3 730 4560.