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Record vessels at Antwerp Gateway

10 July 2018

This summer Antwerp Gateway receives numerous recordships for the first time - megamax vessels that can carry over 20.000 TEU. 

Cosco Shipping Aries kicked off on February 26th 2018. In March we received the Cosco Shipping Taurus and Evergreen 'Ever Golden' .

The calender for this summer (dates may be subject to change):

  • 10 July: Cosco Shipping Virgo
  • 14 July: Evergreen ‘Ever Goods’
  • 23 July: Cosco Shipping Universe
  • 27 August: Cosco Shipping Capricorn
  • 3 September: Cosco Shipping Libra
  • 10 September: Evergreen ‘Ever Genius’
  • 1 October: Evergreen ‘Ever Given'