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Quay Crane heightened by 7 metres

06 January 2017


DP World Antwerp heightened Quay Crane #9 by 7 metres. On January 6th Quay Crane #7, the next crane to be adapted, is transported to the workshop. By increasing the crane size Antwerp Gateway terminal is ready to handle the next generation of ultra large container ships. In 2015, three Ship-to-Shore cranes were extended with 6 meters. The cranes are heightened by inserting leg extensions underneath the portal beams and installing bolted flange junctions in the existing welded crane leg construction. During the operation the cranes are jacked up using specialised jacking towers and hydraulic jacks. The whole process is carefully managed and takes about 13 weeks.




Watch the heightening of a quay crane at Antwerp Gateway (2015)