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Joint rainwater collection initiative saves 25 pools of drinking water

23 November 2018

64.000 m³ or 25 Olympic pools of drinking water are saved thanks to the joint rainwater collection initiative of Ashland and DP World Antwerp. To clear the salt that occurs during the chemical production process of our neighbor "Ashland Specialties", a lot of water is needed. Ashland built two buffer basins to collect rainwater and shallow groundwater. As a tenant of part of their concession, DP World catches rainwater and ensures that Ashland receives it purely. A win win for both: we get extra space and they get extra water. Thanks to this project, 64 million liters of drinking water per year can be saved that would otherwise be used in the waste water treatment process. A great example of cooperation for a sustainable port. The project is one of the finalists of the Port of Antwerp Sustainability Award 2018. Read more about the project.


 Ashland facility at DP World Antwerp