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2 new mega gantry cranes will arrive at Antwerp Gateway

11 January 2018

On the 16th of January and the 20th of January, 2 new cranes will be transported to Antwerp Gateway at the Deurganckdock. That will bring the total to 11 ship-shore container gantries.

DP World Antwerp is expanding its portfolio by 2 new Liebherr gantry cranes. On Tuesday the 16th of January, the first one will be transported on a pontoon to the Deurganckdock. On Saturday the 20th of January, the second Liebherr gantry crane the 2nd one gantry crane will be transported.

Since early August 2017 both mega-cranes were assembled at the Delwaidedock. At the end of February 2018 both cranes will be fully operational.


Ready to handle the largest vessels

With the arrival of the 2 new gantry cranes, Antwerp Gateway is fully equipped to handle the largest container vessels afloat. The Liebherr cranes have a lifting height of 52 meters and can handle up to 25 rows wide. The investment of 21 million euros will ensure that the terminal is ready to receive vessels of +20,000 TEU.

Five other quay cranes on AG were already heightened to be able to service container ships up to 23 rows, and in 2018 a sixth will be heightened by 7 metres. The total capacity of Antwerp Gateway is 2.8 million TEU.



Excellent nautical accessibility

The port enjoys the benefits of excellent multi-modal connections to all major mainland European centres of consumption and production. Antwerp is located at the upper end of the tidal estuary of the Scheldt, within the Scheldt-Maas-Rhine delta, having excellent nautical access for the largest container vessels afloat. Thanks to the the deepening of the navigation channel in the Western Scheldt, it is possible for ships to sail upriver with a maximum draught of 16.0 metres and downriver with a maximum of 15.5 metres within the tidal windows.

To give an idea: the largest container vessel ever in Antwerp, the Madrid Maersk (20,556 TEU) in June 2017, has a draught of 16 meters. From January to September 2017, the port of Antwerp received 130 calls from ships with 14 to 18,000 TEU. As many as 58 ships had a capacity of 18 to 21,000 TEU.


On Tuesday the 16th of January at 9am, DP World Antwerp would like to invite everyone, to the Berendrechtsluis, to set eyes on the transport. With a hot drink, you can watch the 1st Liebherr gantry crane coming out of the lock, going on to the Scheldt, towards the Deurganckdock.

Images of the contruction, info graphs of the cranes and the location of the event can be found below and via this link.


Delivery of the gantry cranes


Montage bottom

Montage top

Location event