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Vision, Purpose & Values



To Lead the Future of World Trade.


To Add Value, Think Ahead and Build a Legacy.


  • Courage
  • Respect
  • Intelligence
  • Pride

Our Purpose

Add Value

To deliver exceptional customer service and build lasting partnerships through global expertise and local know how.

Think Ahead

To foresee change and innovate to create the most efficient, safe and profitable trade solutions.

Build a Legacy

To ensure everything we do leaves long-term benefits for the world we live in.

Global Values


We challenge, innovate and dare to be great. We embrace change and have the courage to do things differently.


We believe in respect for all. We welcome and value a wide-range of opinions and ideas.


We are in tune with global risks and opportunities. We provide a learning environment to help our people reach their full potential.


We take pride in being a responsible global citizen.

DP World Antwerp Values

In addition to our global values, DP World Antwerp stands for safety, cooperation, mutual respect, a strong drive for results and customer delight. Our corporate values describe our corporate identity and give you a good idea of who we are and what we want to accomplish for you.


When it comes to safety, we are proud to be the leading company in our sector. We are determined to reach higher for improvement and maintain our pioneer position.

Mutual respect

Mutual respect is very important in every relationship: with colleagues, with customers,… We listen carefully to each other’s arguments and ideas, that can be very inspiring.
We believe that every successful relationship relies on mutual respect. Discussions are constructive when we listen carefully to one another’s arguments and are usually very inspiring.


Striving after common targets and achieving them afterwards is very satisfactory. We are one big team, we’re not a bench of individuals. Our common goal is more important than individual results. Nothing is more satisfying than striving for mutual targets. We are not a bunch of individuals; on the contrary, we consider ourselves one big team. Our common goal is more important than individual results. Not only does cooperation exist within our own department, it is present within our whole company.

Result driven

We aim for both short and long term goals. We are not satisfied with average results; instead, we put up high expectations without losing sight of the feasibility. We aspire to bring all our projects to a good end, within the deadline.

Customer delight

We clearly communicate what customers can expect from us. We do not only try to fulfill these expectations, we also try to surpass them. We listen carefully to our customer’s wishes and in cooperation with our sales department, we discuss the possibility of granting those wishes.